Virtus version of VW Polo introduced

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VW’s B-segment vehicle Polo model has been renewed in recent years and with its growth in size, it is now more convenient to use bi …

VW’s B-segment vehicle Polo model has been renewed in recent years and with its growth in size, it has become a more useful model now. On the other hand, a version of the model with Saloon casing type was introduced for South American countries.

Although this model has not been introduced for Europe, we think that it is closely related to our country. SCT to be implemented at different rates even in vehicles with the same engine volume, MTV will be applied in a similar way, which may result in more expensive and small but very useful B Segment Sedan vehicles in our country.

Sedan models such as Peugeot 301, Citroen C-Elysee, Fiat Linea and Renault Symbol are sold in Turkey, but the new system seems to open the way for more of them. In this respect, the Fiesta Sedan model produced by Ford for South America and similar markets has been camouflaged by our country in the past few months and we can see it on sale in the coming months. For these reasons, it may be possible to see Virtus, the sedan model of VW Polo, on our roads after a while. Remember, in the past periods, Polo Classic sedan B segment vehicles were in our country.

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Now let’s take a look at the features of VW Virtus;

The car’s front design and cockpit appearance are identical to the HB model, but the rear design stands out as being completely different. It is possible to say that the brother company Audi even remembers the A3 Sedan model as it is possible to see the traces from the VW Jetta. In our opinion, it would not be possible to get a sedan out of a B-segment vehicle with a better fit. We mentioned that the cockpit is the same, but hard plastic materials can be preferred as the B Segment Sedan vehicles enter an entry level in the Polo HB model instead of the soft cockpit materials because they usually enter an important competition in terms of cheapness.

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In the model to be offered for South America, the 1.0lt 3-cylinder turbo-petrol engine used by VW in many group brands is the top-of-the-range power choice and has a 115ps power. However, if sold in our country, it seems more likely that the same engine will be offered with a version with 95ps power and with a choice of 75ps power without turbo power. Of course the diesel option looks like a must at 1.6lt 95ps. If it is decided to sell in our country, it may be possible to see the Virtus model in the spring.








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