Kia Niro Review 2017 – 2018

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Kia Niro

Kia first signed a different SUV in the C Segment. The SUV model, named Niro, represents the hybrid crossover class. In 2013, Kia made a car presentation in a different building. Niro, known for its concept name for those times, appeared in a style that no one expected. The Korean company kept a lot of information about Niro secret and did not give the slightest clear about which engine type to use. Kia’s sporting action began with the graphic action, the new concept model went on with the Cross GT. In Kia he used some of the defined face profile molds in Niro, as in other models. Niro has caused a lot of different folks to make vehicles in this area, in fact Toyota’s CH-R model said it would come out a long time ago.

Plus Japan’s Nissan Juke and Mazda CX-3 have been the triggering factors. Niro is also being represented in a sub-segment of the “non-hybrid” hybrid engine world. People began to shift their investment in automobile manufacturers to this side with the increase in interest in SUV models in low-rise buildings. US and some European countries where station wagon cars are sold the most are predominantly for SUV vehicles. 2017 Once again with the new Kia Niro we realize that the SUV event up to segment C will land in other segments. I will now present you a detailed review of the new Kia Niro!

Kia Niro Review

Niro Exterior Design Reveals Kia’s Rebel Spirit Once More

Niro’s exterior design is familiar from somewhere. We understand better with Niro that the new Kia are now wearing this outfit and will wear it! I would like to say that some people are nice in their own way.

Niro’s gaze resembles that of his older brother, the Sportage. The position of the equipment which is more susceptible is nice. The headlamps which are taken out from the molds for Niro are harmonious with the structure of the vehicle and the big lens attracts attention. Because of its rounded shape, the sedan or wagon looks more like a car. Niro has a horizontal and curved grille for the large, downwardly designed grille of many manufacturers. According to the grid, we see the same shape in the tampon. We see that Kia Niro is quite proportional. Although it is not clear which class belongs at first, some parts clearly show the SUV class. The slightly lower structure compared to the SUV class is confusing as Subaru Forester, which you can easily get with 50 thousand TL, and creates the thought that you do not know where to put it.

The wide fenders of Niro also have belts that we call dodik. Whatever the model of these vehicles, the fender belts lead directly to class differences. As an example, if Audi’s A4 Avant series is fitted with such an arch, the lightweight terrain champion turns into a model of the A4 Allroad Quattro, which you will not notice. Your first impression in Niro’s rear view is “How do I remember this posture”? After seeing Niro’s back, we see that Kia is doing a successful “mix” work. It would not be wrong to say that Niro has been removed a bit and used again a bit.

The rear headlamps are almost unchanged from the previous generation Sportage model. The large stop headlight structure makes Niro look like a bigger car. The concept model suddenly comes to my mind and I see that Niro does not really give much clue about the final way out. We have not seen a part of Niro that can not be liked. I can only say that; especially compared to Toyota CH-R. The Jeep Renegade, which competes in the same class, also has a distinctive body structure. It’s a matter of preference, of course! If you want to get on one of the Kia vehicles but you think it’s an interesting structure, the closest option to Niro will be the Soul model.

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Kia Niro Hybrid

The comfort items and console structure for the classroom where Niro was in was supposed to be below the upper class. In recent years, however, firms do not allow internal classroom distinctions! So we can say that Niro is no different than a top SUV. As for the reason, hardware features will confirm this soon after we write. In addition to these, no distinction has been made in the security features.

We see that there are several details that draw attention first. We found the location of the materials to be successful and the quality level of these selected materials was kept high. Niro’s internal structure is also supported by SUV. Also, in the tests and reviews of the people who made the review, Niro is quite comfortable in terms of ease of loading and unloading.

Niro’s dash panel is very interesting. The digital screen, which is rounded off by two quadrants and centers, is quite nice. From this screen, you can access the hybrid engine settings as well as information about speed, speed and vehicle. In charging mode, you can adjust the display mode clearly on the screen.

When we look at the center console, we see a screen size of 7.0 inches. Apart from adding luxury to the car, compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay has been technologically significant. When we look down a little, we see that the media section is controlled separately and the dual climate control side. The starp & stop button is located next to these control panels.

2017 Kia Niro

The biggest supporter of the comfort part of Niro’s cockpit was the seats. Kia has put in heating, cooling and electric motion for Niro’s seats. In addition to the features of the small SUV representative seat, the ventilated structure also looks like a nice line. Let me forget it; I’ll add comfort features to the large glass ceiling plus the sunroof feature.

Kia has added a charger unit to your Niro equipment so you can comfortably charge your batteries.

Many security features that have become standard today are also given to Niro. The latest generation of vehicles, where people feel safer now, have evolved so far as to look at old days in terms of technology and packages. We saw that the Grandland X of Opel’s SUV model, which we have recently reviewed, is equally rich in hardware. Niro’s standard blind spot system eliminates false outputs and faulty strip changes. Thanks to the sensor and camera added to the Niro, cruise control features have been provided that can track distance and automatically braking accordingly.

Kia has given Niro a unit that we can consider fast and economical in terms of power generation. According to the direction of the world’s electric units and researches, it will lead to hybrid dominance in vehicles, considering that internal combustion engines will disappear within the next 8 years. In Kia, the new SUV placed a 1.6-liter turbocharged unit into Niro. Some sources say it’s around 139 hp. Niro will produce 141 horsepower.

Kia Niro Hybrid

The petrol engine-powered electric motor meets 43 hp. The other part is getting a 105 hp petrol engine. Niro’s carbon emissions and average fuel consumption have yielded remarkable results. Niro’s electric motor can remain active up to 120 km / h apart from the 33 kg battery weight. When we look at the speed values ​​of Niro; It accelerates to 100 km in 11.5 seconds and gives a maximum speed of 162 km / h.

The new Kia SUV Niro, which delivers 89 grams of carbon, is fueled by an average fuel consumption of 3.9 liters. Transmissions also take place with a 6-speed dual-concept CVT transmission. Besides, Kia, who wants to evaluate the energy that is going to waste, thought Niro a regenerative system. According to this, Niro transforms into a waste energy source, which is open to the brake, and provides extra mileage and fuel economy. But I’m sure that Niro will have even more super results if the weight of 1.5 tons is a little less.

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While there is no official explanation for the price of Niro, we will only make an estimate based on the European price. The price for Niro is around 30,000 Euros in Europe. When we adapt these prices to our country, we expect to be between approximately TL 90 thousand and TL 120 thousand. Our estimated prices will of course vary depending on the hardware options.

Kia’s new SUV model Niro, which we have reviewed, has been produced so that it can comfortably meet the company’s C Segment. Niro is the union of Kia’s previous and next designs, and the integrity of the design is well established. Niro, who is not an exaggerated point, will be very interested in female drivers. We can say that the greatest innovation is in the engine unit and it is beneficial for the company to be considered as a hybrid.

I want to say that Niro will succeed in electric motors. On the other hand, diesel engines are slowing down and the internal combustion engine cycle is ending with such preparations. I think Kia will be aware of the compacting of the SUV model in a more petite style. Though the most common SUV is the intermediate model BMW, I think it is getting wider. What are your thoughts about the 2017 New Kia Niro model that we have reviewed in detail?


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