Is the new Volvo XC60 the safest automobile in the world?

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Volvo’s D segment Crossover model XC60 has been sold to our country in the past few months, offering comfort and luxury …

The Crossover model XC60 in Volvo’s D Segment has been sold in our country in the past few months and has attracted great attention with its comfort and luxury. Volvo officials also pointed out that the car is the world’s safest automobile, and videos of some of the brand’s own crash tests were published.

Now, the European crash test agency Euro NCAP tested the Volvo XC60 and explained its results. We will also analyze the analysis by comparing it with some recent crash tests to see if it is the safest automobile in the world, as previously claimed.

Let’s first look at the overall results of the Volvo XC60;

As it can be seen from the following values, child protection is also very successful and attracts attention with 87%, which has a very good rating of 98% in adult safety. The 76% value obtained for pedestrian safety is also noteworthy. However, it should be noted here that a very high rating of 95% is taken from the safety equipment.

This rate, which shows how much the safety equipment is installed in the vehicle, may even fall from 5 stars to 4 stars in the overall evaluation because it is low in some vehicles. So despite the fact that this value is low, we can say 5 stars and it is more valuable if you get a high rate. From this point of view we will evaluate our views in comparison with other tools.

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Volvo XC60 Euro NCAP general result
Now let’s go in detail;

The drivers and passengers in the front and rear seats are well guarded, as evidenced by the four different crash tests made, but in the crash test against a fixed front barrier, the chest area of ​​the passenger sitting at the rear is only moderate. Also in front of a bar that may be deformed, the driver’s feet can be well maintained at a low level. In the side and rear collisions all areas are protected in the best possible way.

Volvo XC60 Euro NCAP adult safety results If the child sitting in the back is safe, the results are again very good and only the body part of the child at the age of 6 sitting on the left side in the frontal collision test can be maintained at a good grade le lower grade. Apart from that, all values ​​stand out because they are very good.

Volvo XC60 Euro NCAP child safety results
Let’s take a look at the models that we thought were the safest 3 models of the world recently, once we have gone superficially on our reviews of the Volvo XC60.

The safest automobiles in the world
Now bring these results side by side with the Volvo XC60 results;

As you can see in the table below, the green of the Volvo XC60 is higher than the other models, but the point we want to draw attention to is the green in the Alfa Romeo models. Even though these ratios are low, we have marked with green and we have referred to the fourth paragraph. Alfa Romeo’s 2 models had the same 97% and 98% adult safety ratings as the Volvo models, despite having lower safety equipment than the Volvo models. This may lead to the same result as lower safety equipment.

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The safest 4 cars in the world
What is the difference between these four vehicles that causes such a high level of safety equipment?

That’s precisely when we look at the list of safety equipment from four vehicles at this point, we see that the Volvo XC90 lacks the side pelvis airbags that are included in the other three vehicles, although the safety equipment is 100% visible. Similarly, Alfa Romeo models are not equipped with knee air cushions for the driver in Volvo models. If the Volvo XC90 test is older than any other model and therefore an edge where pelvis airbags are not provided, it seems that only 1 driver’s knee airbag, Alfa Romeo models and Volvo XC60 make a difference of 35% safety equipment.

As a result, the following conclusion can be reached;

Volvo XC60, both located in the vehicle during a collision adults and children, albeit very narrowly offers more security than other 3 tools for a successful pedestrians outside the vehicle can be involved in accidents as well as we think. If Alfa Romeo Stelvio had a knee air cushion he could get 98% of adult safety and catch the XC60. However, it is possible to say that the XC90 also falls behind because of the pedestrian and child safety backwardness. If we rank the 4 safest cars in the world in terms of these values, we can get the following result.

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Volvo XC60
Volvo XC90
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Alfa Romeo Giulia

We do not think that the Volvo XC60 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio models have yet to go into the IIHS test, but if the other models of each of the two brands are included in the IIHS test and are thought to have achieved a fair result with Euro NCAP.

Volvo XC60 Euro NCAP crash test videosu

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