Is it legal to bring a car from Georgia?

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As is known, a serious tax is imposed on automobiles in our country. Especially for cars over 1600cc, you need to buy …

As is known, a serious tax is imposed on automobiles in our country. Especially for vehicles over 1600 cc, you have to pay a serious amount of tax yearly, whether you buy it or not. As a result, many people are looking for ways to buy and use cars without tax. One of these methods and the most popular ones in the following times, of course, is the way of purchasing vehicles through Georgia. We will try to explain this to you at the end of our very inquisitive research. If there are points that our followers want to add, we are definitely waiting.

Let’s first examine the vehicles and prices sold in Georgia by those who say they can bring vehicles to Turkey.

Georgia car prices

Prices in the table are quoted by those who indicate that they can bring vehicles to Turkey. We were also wondering about the prices of these vehicles on the Georgian market. We have seen comparable second-hand cars listed on the Georgian market a little more expensive than the prices listed above. If we put together a bargain around 10%, we can say that vehicles are normally sold at half price. (You can look at second hand car ads from and sites.)

Why are these tools so cheap?

It can be seen that the majority of the brands in our list are German brands. When we are preparing this chart, we should not go beyond mentioning the most BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and then the Audi and VW vehicles. The main reason for this lies in the fact that Germany is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. In Germany, there is a high level of income per capita, a serious car sales and price competition. Moreover, in some places all over the country, high-speed vehicles with high-speed highways without speed limits can result in very low car prices in the second hand market. In other words, because of the high tax rates, 10-15 year old second hand cars in our country are priced like 25.000-30.000 TL as real estate, while cars in Germany are priced in direct proportion with year and usage like mobile phones in our country, 7-10 years old vehicles are now old and prefer we can easily say that it is not.

If we will return to our location; These vehicles, which are no longer preferred in Germany, have an over 150,000 km (perhaps reduced to km) between 7-10 years of age, have a long-term high-cycle end-use engine and are not known for their maintenance, to about two times the price of Germany. Guess that Georgia is one of these countries. These instruments are also being sold back to countries with lower purchasing power, which are also referred to as third world countries, after Georgia.

In short, we learned the source of the tools in Georgia and why they are so cheap. Now, let’s take the vehicle from Georgia and use it in Turkey and take it back to Georgia in three main titles.

  • Getting a car from Georgia on your own

Before you can get a car from Georgia, you need to have a residence permit and work permit in Georgia. In order to get a residence permit and work permit, you either have to start a job there and start working as a staff member of a company and then you have to apply for the “Justice House” with the necessary evidence. Despite this, the galleries in Georgia tend to sell anyone who pays their money. So even if you do not let the car go to Turkey, you can not legally own a vehicle in Georgia.

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But somehow you have a car there and you want to bring the car to Turkey. According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, if you are a Turkish citizen who substitutes abroad for 185 days, you can bring your own vehicle and you can use it for 2 years. This is called temporary import, because at the end of two years you have to export the vehicle abroad. As a result, if you stay in Georgia for 185 days with a residence permit and work permit, you will not have any problems for 2 years in current legislation when you are not taking a vehicle or going to Turkey.

But we think that most of the people who read this article actually said, “Is it possible to go to Georgia all day and” take the vehicle in some way “into the country?” It is useful to warn you from the start, those who claim to do this “in a way” are not doing this legally, and you are not a member of the official documentary forgery, quality fraud, tax suicide, and punishment.

We used the phrase “somehow” in our writings as a way of having the vehicle registered in Georgia without your residence and work permit. Now let’s open this one and use two different methods for it.

First; You will be able to log in and out of your identity card due to the agreement between Georgia and our country. You may ask that you give your passport to them and ask you to come back and ask for a residence and work permit in 185 days as the place you will buy the vehicle knows it. Of course, in this case, you should also submit the documents to the Justice House as evidence of your work and your work as you do with the employment contract.

Latter; If you buy real estate over $ 35,000 in Georgia you can get a temporary residence permit. However, it does not make much sense for us to tie 35,000 dollars to a bald al-khair country and try to get 30,000-40,000 TL advantage in the vehicle to be bought.

  • Bringing the car to Turkey

As a result of our research, we learned that there are two different methods used by these people to illegally import tax-free vehicles from Turkey through Georgia.

1. Method of Attorney

Without your residence and work permit, you would like a vehicle in Georgia and decided to take it. The gallery will not sell you this tool directly. Instead, a license will be issued on the “reliable citizen of Georgia” proposed by the gallery. A citizen of Georgia will first ask you for this business at least 1000 USD according to your preference. If you give the money, you will go to the notary and transfer the necessary documents and a proxy paper will be issued. Of course, all these documents will be Georgian and 150-200 USD will be charged when these transactions are done and you will be expected to pay for all the expenses such as meals and food during this time.

At the end of the transaction you will have a car with a person you do not know that you give your money and you will have a Georgian proxy certificate in your hand. It should also be noted that this power of attorney has no validity outside of Georgia. The next job is to enter Turkey by car. Only the legal owner of the vehicle in Turkey can have the license holder. In this case, you will be asked for money by the citizen of Georgia you understand so that you can cross the border with the vehicle. The amount of this money is now fully enjoyed by the Georgian car owner, because no one else has the opportunity to pass this car across the border. Let’s say you foresee what you gave for this business at $ 2,000 and entered the custom at the border.

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Here you will also be spending around 1500 USD due to expenses such as fees and taxes. Of course, this cost can vary according to the vehicle age and model. You have paid all the expenses and logged in to Turkey. If the proprietor of the vehicle returns without a vehicle from the same border gate, he will face great punishment. So that person has to come back by plane. Of course at this point you need to meet your flight ticket. After returning to the country after the airline ticket is issued, the citizen will indicate that he / she is returning due to an urgent business on the border and that his car should be left in Turkey. In this case, he must either leave the vehicle to the customs office or entrust it with his / her authority as soon as possible in Turkey. However, you are neither close to 1st degree nor have a valid power of attorney in Turkey. So you have a vehicle that is equivalent to a stolen vehicle in your hand, and on your first turn, your vehicle will be taken from your hand and your case will be filed. In order to remove the vehicle from the parking lot, you will have to bring your legal owner to Turkey.

If you can reach the license holder, you will come to Turkey for a certain amount of money from the car and take it out of the car park and give it back to you. Of course, in this case, you will have to pay the fare for the departure and arrival of the plane to Turkey, the hotel costs and the daily security calculated parking fee besides the money the car owner will want to come to Turkey. You can also experience the same events and even more weight in the next turn.

2. Double License Method

This method is used because of the fact that there is no obligation to deliver the old license during the sale of vehicles in Georgia. You will need a Georgian citizen again and this person will ask you about $ 1,000 for this job. Afterwards the vehicle is sold to you “in one way” and the license is made on you. Then the gallery will indicate that you do not have a residence permit so you can not sell the car to you and want to sell it to a “reliable” Georgian citizen. In the sales process, the old license is said to have “disappeared”. This will give you a more recent license showing that you have not been given a cancellation mark and that you are a citizen of a Georgian citizen.

You want to put the vehicle in Turkey, you can not do it because of the laws in our country and you can only put the vehicle in Turkey and only the license holder. In this case, the license holder may ask for money again. If you give this money, you will pass along the border as if it were in the way we told you before, pay all the necessary customs duties and taxes, send your vehicle back from the nearest airport and cover all expenses. Of course, you should be able to “unintentionally” insert that license at the border gate, as this is a license you should not have in your possession. After all this, you can start using your first catcher. Of course, you can be judged in many different ways, such as vehicle stealing, trafficking, and fraudulent forgery if the licensee declares your vehicle as stolen and shows you as suspicious.
  • Take it back to Georgia and sell it

How are you going to send the vehicle back when your leave is over at the end of two years?

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For this, you have to call the citizen of Georgia you used as a means of repatriation. Of course, you have to give him as much money as he wants. All of this is your prisoner and you have to go to customs with the license of the license you bring back to Turkey with the cost of airplane and hotel as much as the world. They will ask where they are when they are in Turkey. If the vehicle was in customs, a two-year customs car park fee would be payable, but you will be required to obtain a license from the registrant, since you are using the vehicle, or a two-year old car in a private car park. Since you do not have both in your hand, you will be penalized with the penalties and this will be calculated for two years. Of course, naturally you are the one who will pay for this.

When you come back to Georgia, there will be three different options in front of you.

  1. Change the car’s license plate and live the same adventure
  2. Sell ​​the vehicle at no cost
  3. Swap the vehicle at no cost and live the same adventure with another vehicle

Finally, let’s not forget about some important points,

  • You will have to insure your car’s insurance from abroad at exorbitant prices
  • Since you do not have the car on your back when you take it back to Georgia, you will have to accept the price they give and the price you buy may be even lower than 1 in 10.
  • If there is no document that you can claim, even the police can complain in case of hostility.


In fact, the Turkish Republic legislation on this subject is quite clear, but if so, there are some irregular methods similar to “The entrance of the door is from the front”. Of course these methods are not legal and can have quite annoying consequences. Every citizen of the Republic of Turkey has the right to ride in much better vehicles and unfortunately can not use this natural right due to high taxes, but bringing vehicles from Georgia, which is perceived as the “easiest way in the luxury car”, is also a very adventurous job due to the above reasons. For this reason, we advise you to carefully read each line and make your choice.


  • Georgia legislation on this subject

  • In this regard, the legislation of the Republic of Turkey

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