Audi to produce two new electric SUVs in Germany

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Since the shift of the Audi e-tron SUV production to the Belgian capital, Brussels, the unions have been pressuring the factories in Germany to give them electric models. E-tron will compete with the Tesla Model X and the e-tron Sportback will compete with the Jaguar I-Pace. Audi announced on Tuesday that two new electric models in the SUV segment will be produced in Ingolstadt from 2021. No further details on the models were given. “The production of the two new full electric SUVs is a very important step in terms of our future safety,” said Peter Mosch, chief executive of Ingolstadt business council. Audi aims to release 20 electric models by 2025. Ten of these will be full electric models. In 2020, Volkswagen Group’s modular electrification platform will be selling compact electric cars based on the Ministry of National Education. In 2021, Audi will release electric cars using the electric platform it developed with Porsche. By 2025, Audi is aiming for a third of its sales to be made up of battery or plug-in hybrids. Electric cars will also be produced at Audi factories in different countries around the world, such as Mexico and Hungary. Last Updated: November 29, 2017

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